About Appointments

Clients living within 150 kms, or an hour and a half drive of our office, are expected to visit our office for their appointments.  Exemptions to this policy are possible.

If you live more than 150 kms, we will provide you with service by telephone, internet, or fax.

PLEASE NOTE: COVID 19: CCSNL’s physical office is currently closed due to COVID 19.  As a result, all appointments are currently virtual.

Our Standards

CCSNL is an accredited member of Credit Counselling Canada.  Accreditation is purely about providing a high-quality service. This means that we have undergone an independent, comprehensive and rigorous examination of all policies and procedures, along with obtaining feedback from clients, their creditors, and community members.

In addition to being constantly evaluated, all our counselling staff have completed extra training in the area of personal finance and counselling, and have received the designation “Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada” (AFCC).

Some of our staff even enjoy the designation of Bankruptcy Counsellor which allows them to provide advice/information to individuals seeking or considering bankruptcy.

For You This Means

  • We won’t share anything about you or your situation unless you give us written permission and if doing so is in your best interest.
  • Confidential to us means forever – so if we view your story as private the first time we see you, we believe it is private 20 years later.
  • If you ask us to speak with any third parties, you must provide written consent. This policy is strictly enforced.